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How to Choose the Best Necktie

If you need a tie for a specific event, use the following tips to help you find a suitable one. 

  • Funerals: Dark-colored ties are best, preferably solids or subtle patterns.
  • Job Interviews: Classic men's ties in darker shades are preferable, such as checkers, solids, or stripe ties. Burgundy or navy blue are good choices.
  • Black Tie Dress Code: Black bow ties are the norm, but if you don't have one, a solid black silk tie is appropriate. 
  • Weddings: Depends on the dress code, but if it's neither white nor black tie, you can go for pretty much any necktie that matches your suit jacket and looks good with your dress shirt. 

For the most part, solid ties are considered more formal, whereas lighter colors or loud patterns are more casual. So when in doubt, it's best to go with a darker tie. 

Styling Every Best Seller

Choosing the proper tie is only the first step — if you want to look your best, you have to style your necktie right! 

If you're wearing jacquard or print ties, these tips can help you plan your outfit around them. 

  • Floral Ties: White dress shirts and neutral slacks are best, especially if you aren't used to wearing florals. 
  • Paisley Ties: Small-scale paisley prints are best with solid dress shirts. Meanwhile, large-scale paisley ties go with fine checkered print dress shirts making for a classic combo. 
  • Tartan, Gingham, or Plaid Ties: Since these patterns are so busy, they clash with printed shirts. It's best to pair these patterns with solid-colored shirts instead since it creates a sharp contrast.
  • Medallion Ties: Pair a medallion tie with a navy suit and a white dress shirt for the ultimate business casual look. 
  • Polka Dot Ties: Polka dot ties are appropriate for most events, such as job interviews or cocktail parties. Wear them with a dress shirt with fine stripes, checks, or plain patterns. 

Another important aspect to consider when putting together the perfect outfit is matching your fabrics. For example, a wool tie goes great with a worsted wool suit. Knit ties are more casual, so they're appropriate with blazers. Meanwhile, a striped silk tie would look great with a silk blend suit. 

Your tie's width should also be in proportion to your lapel. So if you choose a skinny tie or a slim tie, pair it with a slim lapel. 

After you have the colors and patterns right, have fun experimenting with different knots! On our blog, you'll find step-by-step guides to help you with some of the classics, such as the Windsor. If you're tall, you may need an extra long necktie to make some of these more complicated knots since they use more fabric. You can find them in our shop, as well as accessories like silk pocket squares, cufflinks, and tie bars that will polish your overall look. 

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How To Guides

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