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How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot like a Pro

Did you know that the Double Windsor is also referred to as the Full Windsor knot? Although there is some confusion around the name of this knot, the concept is the same — doubling the regular Windsor knot (which is also called the Half-Windsor knot) to create a fuller, larger triangular knot.

This style originated with the Duke of Windsor, whose signature knot was the four-in-hand knot with extra thick neckties. To recreate this look, the public began wearing the Windsor tie knot. Although the Windsor knot steps aren’t exactly the same as what the Duke would wear, the results are similar and just as stylish.

If you’d like to learn how to create this formal, elegant tie knot, we invite you to keep reading. In this post, we’ll walk you through the Double Windsor knot step-by-step!

When to Choose a Double Windsor Knot

Before we dive into the tutorial, it’s important to understand when to wear a Double Windsor necktie knot. Most often, men choose these large, triangular knots with a dimple when they want to look especially formal. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a ceremony, going to a job interview, or just want to look extra confident in front of some important clients, the Double Windsor is a great choice. 

Most people recommend reserving Windsor knots, whether the standard or double variation, for special occasions. Wearing a Double Windsor every day may be appropriate if your job requires a formal dress code, but it may be a little much for a typical day at the office. For the fashion-savvy, this would overdressing and perhaps send the message that you are stuffy or take yourself too seriously. That’s not to say the Double Windsor always has that effect — just make sure you save it for important events

Of course, if you want to pull off this knot, there are some essential things to keep in mind. For example, your normal dress shirt collar may not favor this style knot, so you’ll likely have to opt for a spread collar instead. These collars have more space for a large knot and points that angle outwards. 

Another thing you should keep in mind is that thick ties, such as knitted or wool materials, don’t work well with this large knot. It’s best to use silk ties when making a Double Windsor since these are easier to work with and create a smoother, more elegant knot. 

How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot

Learning how to tie a Double Windsor knot is simple, especially if you already know how to make a regular Windsor necktie knot. We offer a tutorial for the Windsor knot, so start here if you want to gradually work your way up to the Double Windsor.

Still, even if you are a complete beginner, you should be able to follow along with the steps in this post to make a Double Windsor. 

Keep in mind that mastering this knot may take a few tries, so don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first time. It also helps to follow these steps while standing in front of a mirror. Keep your chin up as you tie your necktie since this makes it easier to see what you’re doing in the mirror. 

We’ve come up with a full video tutor to help, so check it out if you need more assistance!

1. Lay Tie Correctly 

Before we get started, you’ll need to position your tie appropriately. Drape it over your shoulders with the wide end of the tie on your right side, the end hanging close to your belly button. The narrow end should be higher up on your left side, a little above your ribcage. 

If you are left-handed, you may find it easier to put the wider end of the tie on your left side. Since you’ll be manipulating this end throughout the tutorial, having it on the side you naturally use may be easier. However, in this article, we’ll assume that you start with the wide tie end on the right side. 

2. Cross and Loop 

Now that you have your tie draped over your shoulders and adjusted to the proper length, let’s get started. Begin by crossing the wider end of the tie over the thinner end, creating an X on your chest. The X should be close to your chest so that the result is a tight knot. 

Next, loop the wide end under the X with the tip of the tie facing upward. Use your non-dominant hand to keep the X in place while you guide the wide end downwards and over the neck loop with the other hand. 

3. Bring Behind

Now you’ll need to position the wide end upwards and pull it diagonally across the front of the knot. Then bring the wide end behind the loop. If you have trouble visualizing this, we recommend taking a look at our video tutorial. 

4. Loop Again

With the wide end pulled through the loop, bring it back down so that the wide end is on the left of the narrow end of the tie. 

5. Cross and Loop One More Time

Now, cross the wide end across the front of the knot, bringing it from left to right. Tuck one finger behind the place where the tie crosses and hold it in place. This is where you’ll pull the tie through later!

Once more, guide the wide end under the loop and keep the tip facing upwards. 

6. Pull Through Loop and Tighten 

Next, pull the tip of the tie downwards and navigate it through the space you were holding with your finger. Make sure to pull it all the way through and tighten it, adjusting as needed. There you have it — your Double Windsor should be complete!

At this point, you may notice that your tie length is off. If so, you’ll need to start over and adjust the length of your tie in the first step. If your tie was too short, give yourself more length on the wide end. If it was too long, make the narrow end longer next time. 

If your knot looks a little sloppy, try adjusting it until it looks right. If you can’t seem to make it work, practice a few more times until you get it right! 

Revolutionize Your Style with PRIME Neckwear

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In addition, you’ll find men’s fashion accessories such as cufflinks, tie bars, and lapel pins that complete your look. Be sure to browse our shop to see all we have to offer!


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