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Tips & Tricks for Selecting the Right Tie Knot

Did you know that there are approximately 177,147 ways to tie a necktie? This number was determined by a team of mathematicians who simply wanted to know how many different outcomes were possible. That means there are still a lot of possible necktie knots out there waiting to be invented and popularized! 

Currently, there are only a little more than a dozen different necktie knots that people tend to use. That’s still a lot of choices when it comes to knotting your tie! You’re probably already familiar with some of these styles, such as the Van Wijk, Four-in-Hand, or Double Windsor knot. How should you decide which to use the next time you get ready? This article will help you answer this question as we review some tips for styling your tie knot! 

Why Your Chosen Tie Knot Is So Important

You may be wondering why choosing the right tie knot is so important in the first place. After all, if you put the effort forth to wear a collared shirt and a tie, who’s really paying attention? But, before you settle for this line of thinking, remember that how you dress says a lot about you! 

You can do the bare minimum the next time you get ready, or you can go the extra mile. Doing the latter will speak volumes as to your sense of responsibility, sophistication, and professionalism. So, if you want to make a good impression and feel confident, the knot you choose matters. 

Some knots are casual, whereas others are reserved for formal occasions. Wearing a casual tie knot to a business meeting may give the impression that you are careless while using a formal knot at a relaxed event might make you look stuffy. So if you want to avoid any fashion faux pas, the knot you choose is important. 

Another reason the tie knot matters is that they come in all shapes in sizes. The fabric of your dress shirt and the width of your collar will determine which knot looks best. The goal here is a proportionate look. 

Tips for Styling the Perfect Tie Knot

Now that you know the importance of picking a suitable tie knot, it’s time to learn how to do it! Use the tips that follow to guide you through the process of selecting a style, taking note of the examples of tie knots we provide. Remember that you can find step-by-step instructions and  tutorials for many knots on our blog, so if you are a beginner, give it a try with our help! 

Check the Event Invite

The first factor you should consider before picking a tie knot is the dress code. Whether an event is formal, black-tie optional, or business casual will help you pick out your entire outfit and style it appropriately. Here are some neckties knots you can wear in various scenarios. 

Full Windsor Knot: This is one of the most formal knots in existence, so it’s appropriate at sophisticated parties and black tie-optional affairs.

Half Windsor Knot: This knot is a step down from the Full Windsor in terms of formality, but it’s still a great choice for business meetings and professional occasions.

Four-in-Hand Knot: The four-in-hand isn’t highly formal, so you can sport it at parties and social outings, such as dinner at a nice restaurant or drinks with friends. 

Prince Albert Knot: This knot is somewhere in the middle, meaning you can wear it for business meetings or in more relaxed settings.

The Oriental Knot: This simple knot is appropriate for business casual or social events. 

Understand Collar Fit

Choosing the right knot isn’t just about the occasion. Sometimes, several different tie knots are suitable for a party or business meeting. In this case, other factors, such as your dress shirt and collar will help you determine which one looks best. 

As you know, some tie knots are bigger than others. Wide-spread collars have a lot of space between them, meaning that a larger knot would look best. Meanwhile, point collars require a smaller knot that is more proportionate to the space. Here are some knots you can use depending on your collar fit. 

Widespread Collars: When you wear a widespread collar, you’ll want a knot that fills the space between the points. That means a full-body knot, such as a Half or Full Windsor knot is best. Another ideal option would be the Pratt knot. For extra spread collars, choose the Balthus knot, which is the largest in existence. 

Medium Spread Collars: Knots that are medium-sized work best, such as the Four-in-Hand, Pratt, or Kelvin knot. 

Point Collars: The Four-in-Hand looks great with a point collar, but if you are looking for something a little fuller, opt for the Double-Four-in-Hand instead. 

Review Tie Fabrics

If you want to wear a specific tie, you may have to choose your knot based on the fabric. For example, thick ties are best with basic knots since their fabric is too stiff to make more complicated styles. If your tie is thick, go for simple, smaller knots like the Oriental or Four-in-Hand Knot. 

Thankfully, ties that are thinner, such as silk, are easier to work with and let you make more complex knots. Try the Trinity knot or the Eldredge knot for a fun challenge! Or use silk ties to produce different types of knots with dimples, such as the Windsor. 

Match Your Face Shape

Another interesting way to choose your necktie and shirt collar style has to do with your face shape. Just like a specific haircut can accentuate your features, some tie knots and collars look better with certain face shapes. 

If you have a narrow face, your collar should be widespread with a full knot that emphasizes the fullness of the collar. This helps balance out your features. 

Round faces are best with point collars, as the narrow angles create the perfect contrast. Pair these with medium-sized knots, like the Four-in-Hand. 

If you have an oval face, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to collars and tie knots. You could go either way, wearing a widespread or point collar. However, if you want something in between, a medium-spread collar with a Shelby knot is an excellent choice.  

Try Every Knot Style with PRIME Neckwear’s Collection

With the help of this guide, you have a better idea of which tie knot to wear according to your outfit, the occasion, and your face shape. Now it’s time to learn how to make some of the best tie knots on our blog! 

Not only does PRIME Neckwear help you look your very best through men’s style tips, but we also have an incredible selection of silk ties! They’re high quality and easy to work with, so no matter what kind of knot you want to create, our ties are the perfect choice.  

Of course, we also have a wide variety of bow ties and accessories, such as pocket squares and cufflinks. Browse our online store today! 

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