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Lapel Pin Pocket Square

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Color Solid Red

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Introducing the Lapel Pin Pocket Square!

This new item can be worn as a lapel pin or worn inside of your jacket pocket. The fabric is folded in a permanent folded pattern which prevents it from falling out of place of coming undone.

You will never need to mess with your pocket square again!

Material of Metal Lapel Pin: Zinc Alloy

Fabric: Polyester

Dimension of Pocket Square Fabric: 3.6” x 1.6”

Color Choices:

  • Blue with Grey Edges

  • Solid Red

  • Charcoal Grey

  • Dark Blue with Gold Shimmer

  • Gold Shimmer

  • Green with Gold Shimmer

  • Purple with Gold Shimmer

  • Light Salmon

  • Black with Grey Edges

  • Tan with Pink Edges

  • Burgundy with Light Brown Edges

  • Black with Big Red Houndstooth

  • Blue with White Diamond

  • Rich Brown with Light Blue, Yellow Design

  • Grey with Blue, Gold Triangle

  • Burgundy, Blue with Yellow Line

  • Green with Light Brown Edge

  • Black with Light Blue, Blue, Gold Triangle

  • Cream with Gold, Blue Design

  • Golden Brown with Blue Check

  • Rich Gold and Maroon Check

  • Grey with White, Blue Design

  • Dark Blue with Brown Gold White Design

  • Deep Blue with Copper and Light Brown Design

  • Dark Blue with Golden Brown Skull and Bones

  • Dark Blue with Light Brown, Gold Floral

  • Black with Red, Light Grey Houndstooth

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