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Pharoah Kings Lapel Pin

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"Royal Resplendence: The Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin in Gold, Green, and Black"

In the tapestry of lapel pins, a majestic tribute to ancient Egyptian grandeur emerges—the Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin. Crafted from premium zinc alloy and bedecked with resplendent rhinestones in gold, green, and black, this accessory takes the form of two Pharaoh kings, standing tall at 1.86 inches in height and 1.2 inches in width. With regal allure, this lapel pin invites wearers to embrace the splendor of royalty in a modern and glamorous context.

Design and Dimensions: The Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin is a visual feast of intricate design and luxurious hues. Gold, green, and black rhinestones meticulously outline the noble visages of the Pharaohs, evoking a sense of ancient majesty. Crafted from durable zinc alloy, this lapel pin measures approximately 1.86 inches in height and 1.2 inches in width, making it a captivating yet wearable piece of regalia.

(Note: To provide measurements in inches, the Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin is approximately 1.86 inches in height and 1.2 inches in width.)

Wear it with Grandeur: The Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin is an opulent accessory that demands to be showcased on special occasions. For formal events such as galas, cultural gatherings, or grand celebrations, consider adorning the lapel of a black or deep green suit jacket. The regal tones of gold and green, complemented by the black backdrop, create a striking visual impact, making a bold statement of grandeur.

Styling Tips: Styling the Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin involves embracing its royal splendor while maintaining an element of modernity. For a polished and refined look, pair it with a crisp white shirt and a black suit. Allow the lapel pin to be the focal point, bringing an air of regality to your formal attire.

To infuse a touch of contemporary flair, consider wearing the lapel pin on a green or black blazer paired with tailored trousers. This combination not only complements the lapel pin's color palette but also ensures a cohesive and sophisticated ensemble for events where you want to exude an aura of sophistication.

Symbolism and Significance: The Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin transcends mere accessory status; it carries the weight of historical symbolism and significance. The representation of Pharaohs, the ultimate rulers of ancient Egypt, serves as a symbol of leadership, power, and timeless legacy. Wearing this lapel pin is an acknowledgment of the grandeur within, a celebration of strength, and an homage to the rich history of Egyptian civilization.

Perfect for Gifting: Searching for a gift that exudes opulence and historical charm? The Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin makes for a distinguished and meaningful present. Whether for a history enthusiast, a lover of unique accessories, or someone with an appreciation for regal elegance, this lapel pin is a thoughtful token of admiration.

Conclusion: In the realm of lapel pins, the Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin reigns supreme, inviting wearers to bask in the grandeur of ancient Egyptian royalty. Whether gracing the halls of a cultural event or making a statement at a formal gathering, this accessory exudes a sense of power, history, and refinement. Let the Pharaoh Kings Rhinestone Lapel Pin be your emblem of regal style, a wearable tribute to the timeless legacy of the Pharaohs in the contemporary world of fashion.


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Made of:

  • Zinc Alloy


  • 1.8" x 1.2"
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