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Rose Bud Lapel Pin

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Choice Pink with Orange Black Leopard

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Sometimes an average lapel flower is not enough to make your suit look perfect! We added a rose bud lapel pin shape but each one is a different pattern and color allowing you to choose the one that fits your outfit the best!

Material of Fabric:

  • Polyester

Material of Lapel Pin:

  • Zinc Alloy

Dimensions of Lapel Flower:

  • 1” Inch x 1” Inch.

Choose From:

  • Pink with Orange Black Leopard

  • Green, Dark Green, Cream Camo

  • Burgundy, Blue, Cream Plaid

  • Salmon Plaid

  • Pink Camo

  • Pink, Dark Pink Leopard

  • Yellow, Brown Camo

  • Yellow, Pink, Orange Leopard

  • Purple, Red Plaid

  • White, Black, Grey Leopard

  • Red, White, Blue Plaid

  • Brown, Tan Plaid

  • Blue Plaid

  • Light Blue, Pink Plaid

  • Pink, Grey Plaid

  • Brown, Yellow, Cream Leopard

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