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Clip-On Ties: Benefits, Uses, & More

Did you know clip-on ties were invented in 1928? These permanently-fixed neckties are designed for convenience, latching onto the shirt collar with a metal clip. They come in a variety of styles, such as four-in-hand ties and bow ties, meaning that clip-on necktie wearers don’t have to sacrifice fashion at the expense of ease. 

Although a lot of people mock clip-on ties, they have come a long way in recent years. There are so many reasons to opt for a clip-on instead of a traditional necktie, but a lot of people are ashamed or fear that others will notice they aren’t wearing traditional self-tie neckwear. If you’re worried about that, we recommend trying on some modern clip-on ties. These days, they have special clips that are undetectable, and it’s unlikely that anyone can tell the difference. 

Are you trying to decide whether a clip-on tie is right for you? If so, you’ll want to keep reading this article as we share some of the benefits of these ties and situations that may call for their use. 

Benefits of Wearing a Clip-On Tie

There are several reasons to give clip-on ties are try and even make them a part of your typical wardrobe. Consider some of their top benefits below!

Clean Look

It’s not surprising that clip-on ties look neat and clean — unlike traditional ties, you can’t mess up the knot. You don’t have to worry about looking sloppy or unkempt every time you put on a tie. 

An added benefit is that since you aren’t tying them over and over again, clip-on ties don’t get as wrinkly. That means your tie will look crisp and wrinkle-free without the need to iron it. 

Some clip-on ties even have buttonholes on the back to keep them secure and prevent them from moving around during the day. 

Convenient Option

We aren’t all accustomed to wearing ties. In fact, some people have never learned how to tie a tie and so infrequently wear these accessories that they have no interest in learning. However, when the need arises, whether because of a wedding, funeral, or job interview, even those of us who don’t particularly enjoy wearing ties need to put one on. 

Instead of wasting time in the mirror trying to get the knot just right or foregoing the tie altogether, opting for a clip-on is usually just as good. You’ll save time and people won’t even notice you’re wearing a clip-on unless you let them in on your secret. 

Clip-on ties also have major advantages when it comes to accessibility. Some people with disabilities are not always able to put on a tie because of the coordination it requires. However, clip-on ties are much easier for people with limited mobility to manage, making getting dressed independently much easier. 

Perfect for Beginners

Clip-on ties are also a good choice for individuals who are just learning to make different tie knots. It may take a few tries to master each knot, and meanwhile, you may not feel comfortable wearing them in public. 

While you perfect your tying skills, you can use clip-on ties. Later, when you feel confident about your ability to make tie knots, you can switch to traditional ties. However, we recommend holding on to your clip-on ties just in case you’re in a hurry or need a little more convenience in your life!

Parents may also prefer clip-on or zipper ties for their children since they allow little ones to get ready with ease. If your child isn’t old enough to learn to tie a knot by themselves, clip-on boy’s ties are a lifesaver! Some schools even require them because the knot can’t be loosened throughout the day, ensuring students stick to the dress code. Moreover, some schools consider them safer for kids who spend time on the playground or get in situations where their ties could get stuck.  

Breakaway Safety Feature

One of the surprising benefits of clip-on ties is the safety they provide. If a traditional tie gets caught or pulled, it could be a safety hazard, risking strangulation. This is especially true in some fields where a tie is part of the uniform, such as that of security guards or police officers. 

A clip-on tie is an ideal substitute for your uniform tie and doesn’t pose any risk. Plus, uniform clip-on ties are just as good as traditional ones, so you can look your best without worrying about your safety on the job. 

When to Choose a Traditional vs. Clip-On Tie

Traditional ties are the more common choice, and many men prefer them simply because they are used to tying their own knots. Experienced tie-wearers may be so used to putting on their tie in the morning that it is no longer a hassle. Thus, they tend to see no reason to switch to clip-on neckties. 

Other men like experimenting with trendy or sophisticated knots, something that’s not possible with pre-tied or clip-on ties. If you want to switch up your knots and wear fancy styles like the Eldredge or Trinity knot, clip-on neckties probably aren’t for you. The same is true for men who want to keep up with trendy new patterns and have a wide variety of styles to pick from when they get new neckwear. The options may be more limited when purchasing self-tied neckwear. 

Still, some men have no problem typing a necktie but need a little help when it comes to bow ties. When they go to black tie events, they may decide to use a pre-tied or clip-on bow tie instead of fussing with a self-tie one. This makes a lot of sense because you want to look perfect in your tuxedo, especially if you are part of a wedding party or a guest of honor. Instead of worrying about flaws in your bow tie, a clip-on keeps you photo-ready at all moments and feeling confident! 

Deciding which tie to choose is completely up to you and really boils down to preference. However, there’s no reason why you can’t have both types of ties in your closet! Clip-on ties are great for days when you don’t really feel like knotting your tie but need to wear one. 

Explore PRIME Neckwear’s Premium Silk Ties

Clip-on ties offer many advantages. If you’d like to give them a try, we recommend browsing our selection of pre-tied neckties. However, if you prefer to stick to traditional ties, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer a wide range of those too. Whether you’re looking for paisley or polka dots, solid ties in hot pink or navy blue, you’ll find them among our best sellers! We even offer extra long styles for tall men. 

At PRIME Neckwear, we believe in making neckties accessible! Our blog features tutorials and step-by-step guides that make learning simple tie knots a breeze. If you need a little guidance, feel free to check them out!

After you’ve practiced a bit and have a couple of knots perfected, reward yourself with a couple of ties on your wishlist. Before you checkout, don’t forget accessories like tie bars, cufflinks, or pocket squares! 

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