Collection: Pink Bow Ties

Everyone looks great in a pink colored bow tie! Pink bow ties are a great option to wear during the spring and summer months. The most popular shades of pink bow ties range from soft pink, to blush to fuchsia. Pink bow ties liven up any outfit and gives it an extra touch of sophistication. Pink bow ties are a popular choice for wedding parties. Pink looks great when paired with navy blue, deep reds, and shades of gold. Pink bow ties make a great choice for groups and teams as the color pulls together the outfits to give them a refined uniform look. There are so many different shades to choose from that it makes it easy to pair one of our pink bow ties with many different color shirts and suits. Pink bow ties are the way most people choose to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink Bow ties are often the color of choice for Valentine’s Day Dinners. At PRIME Neckwear you will find every shade of pink in every pattern you could think of to match your next big event.