Collection: Green Ties

There is nothing like a fresh green tie. We offer many shades of green from light green, to pine green and everything in between. Green neckties can be worn for many different occasions including formal events, weddings and during the holidays. Lighter green colors are often worn for less formal occasions, during spring and summer months while darker greens are worn during fall and winter months.

A green tie is perfect for building your spring or summer formal wardrobe, as green conjures feelings of nature and newness. During these months, a light green tie presents well, especially when paired with a light gray, tan, or blue suit. This type of wardrobe combination is perfect for wearing to a wedding in May or June.
Green ties also come in a wide range of pattern choices, so you can add even more personality and refinement to your look. Green ties with stripes, plaid patterns, polka dots, and more give you plenty of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the right tie for any event.