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The Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide: How to Pair Neckties and Bow Ties with Suits

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As the leaves change their colors and the air turns crisp, the fall season invites us to revamp our wardrobes. For men who appreciate the finer aspects of fashion, fall offers a perfect canvas to experiment with suits, dress shirts, neckties, and bow ties. In this ultimate fall fashion guide, we will unravel the latest trends in neckties and bow ties, offering invaluable tips on how to pair them with different suits to achieve a polished and sophisticated fall look.

Understanding Fall Fashion Trends: Neckties and Bow Ties

Fall Colors: Embracing the Warm Palette

Fall is synonymous with warm and earthy tones. Rich hues such as deep burgundy, forest green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange dominate the fall color palette. When choosing neckties and bow ties, opt for shades that complement these autumnal colors. A deep burgundy tie paired with a charcoal suit or a mustard bow tie with a navy blazer can instantly elevate your fall ensemble.

Texture Matters: Embracing Tweed, Wool, and Knits

In fall, textures play a vital role in adding depth to your outfit. Tweed and wool suits are quintessentially fall choices, offering both warmth and style. When selecting ties and bow ties, consider textured options like knit ties or wool bow ties. These textures not only add visual interest but also provide a tactile contrast to smooth suit fabrics.


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Pairing Neckties and Bow Ties with Different Suit Styles

  1. The Classic Navy Suit: Timeless Elegance

A classic navy suit is a versatile canvas for fall fashion. Pair it with a deep forest green silk tie for a sophisticated look suitable for both formal events and office meetings. For a playful touch, opt for a patterned bow tie in shades of blue, adding a pop of color to your ensemble.

  1. The Charcoal Gray Suit: Understated Sophistication

Charcoal gray suits exude understated elegance, making them a fall favorite. Pair this neutral base with a mustard yellow silk tie to infuse warmth into your outfit. Alternatively, a burgundy knit tie adds a cozy yet refined touch, perfect for fall evenings.

  1. The Brown Tweed Suit: Embracing Fall Textures

For a truly autumnal look, embrace the richness of a brown tweed suit. Pair it with a knitted tie in a complementary shade, such as caramel or rust. To add a touch of whimsy, consider a patterned bow tie featuring fall motifs like leaves or acorns.

  1. The Olive Green Suit: A Modern Twist

Olive green suits have gained popularity for their modern appeal. Balance the earthy tone with a deep maroon silk tie, creating a harmonious contrast. For a contemporary and trendy look, experiment with a patterned bow tie in shades of olive, mustard, and charcoal, adding depth to your overall appearance.

Tips for a Polished Fall Look

  1. Balance Patterns: If your suit is patterned, opt for a solid-colored tie or bow tie to maintain balance. Conversely, if you're wearing a solid suit, feel free to experiment with patterned ties and bow ties.
  2. Mix Textures: Don't hesitate to mix and match textures within your outfit. A wool tie with a tweed suit or a silk bow tie with a smooth wool suit can create a visually appealing ensemble.
  3. Consider Occasion: Tailor your choice of necktie or bow tie based on the occasion. Solid and subtle patterns are ideal for formal events, while bold and playful patterns can be embraced for social gatherings and casual outings.
  4. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Pay attention to pocket squares and cufflinks. These small accessories can tie your entire look together. Opt for pocket squares in fall-appropriate colors and materials like silk or wool.
  5. Confidence is Key: Regardless of your choice, wear your necktie or bow tie with confidence. Your demeanor enhances the overall impact of your outfit.


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In the realm of men’s fashion, fall provides a unique opportunity to showcase style and creativity. By understanding the nuances of fall colors, textures, and patterns, you can curate a wardrobe that not only keeps you warm but also makes a statement. Remember, the key lies in the artful pairing of neckties and bow ties with different suits. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of a navy suit or the contemporary charm of an olive green ensemble, let your fall fashion choices reflect your personality and the spirit of the season. Embrace the warmth, embrace the style, and let your fall fashion journey begin.

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