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Everything You Need to Know About Tie Bars

Men's tie bars are a fashionable accessory that most people are familiar with, but did you know they were created to prevent ties from moving around? Since they clip to the shirt and tie, they keep everything in place so you look put together all day. 

Even if you aren't worried about your tie moving around, wearing a tie bar allows you to express your personality and style. Plus, adding a tie bar to your outfit is pretty straightforward — you simply clip it on! 

Still, there are some things you'll want to consider when picking out tie bars. In this article, we'll help you accessorize your formal outfit so you can look your best the next time you put on a tie.

The Purpose of a Tie Bar

tie clips

Tie bars are elegant and can take your outfit to the next level, but they're also functional because they keep your tie from moving every time you lean forward. 

If you've ever accidentally dipped your necktie in your coffee, know that a tie bar can save you from another unfortunate and embarrassing incident. Plus, wearing a tie bar will make you less likely to stain your favorite tie. 

You can also use a custom tie bar to represent the company you work for, your favorite hobby, a cause you support, or something else that means a lot to you. 

Are you getting married soon? If so, tie bars also make an excellent gift for your wedding party, especially if you choose a style your groomsmen will want to reuse on other occasions. 

How to Wear a Tie Bar

Now that you understand how tie bars can improve the look and functionality of your outfit, it's time to learn how to style tie bars with your neckwear. 

Keep in mind that the tie bar you wear to work may not look great with a tuxedo, so be sure to consider the occasion when choosing a tie bar for your outfit. Moreover, these accessories may be too flashy for job interviews or funerals, so it's best to avoid wearing them on these occasions. But, in all other situations, don’t hesitate to clip one on!

Decide on a Color

A silver tie bar is a safe choice if you like to keep things simple. But you don't have to stick to silver-tone tie bars. Instead, you may wish to match the metals of your tie bar to your wedding ring, cuff links, belt buckle, or buttons on your jacket. For example, if you have a gold wedding ring, you may want to go with a gold-tone tie bar

If it suits your style, don't be afraid to wear less common metals, such as rose gold, onyx, or gunmetal tie bars. There are also unique options like mother-of-pearl or black tie bars. Of course, you should ensure that these colors compliment your tie and button-down shirt.

For instance, if your dress shirt, tie, or pocket square is paisley, it may be best to wear a more subtle tie bar. Meanwhile, a navy blue solid tie would work great with a unique tie bar that makes a statement. 

If you only want to buy one, consider a sterling silver, stainless steel, or gold tie bar since these can go with nearly any outfit.

Select the Proper Width

There are no hard and fast rules about tie bar width, but most modern men use tie bars that are less than the entire width of the tie. Ideally, it should be 70-80% of the width of your necktie. If you like to wear skinny ties, you'll need a shorter tie bar than average. 


If you're aiming for a retro look, you can use a tie bar that extends the entire width of your tie, but it should never go beyond this.

Understand Placement

Where you place the tie bar is just as important as its color, style, and length. Ideally, it should be towards the middle or bottom of your chest, near the third and fourth buttons on your shirt (from the top). Go a little higher if you want to produce a slimming effect.

Tie clips that are placed too high are no longer functional. Conversely, tie clips that are too low look awkward when you lean forward. 

Of course, you'll need to factor in the buttons on the top of your jacket. The best placement allows your tie bar to be seen even when your jacket is buttoned all the way. 

You should also ensure you place the tie bar horizontally and in a straight line. Avoid wearing tie bars at an angle since this may look sloppy.

Another thing to remember is that adding some slack before fastening your tie bar is good and will make it easier to move around. To do this, pull your tie up a tad before placing your tie bar.

Other Tie Accessories to Explore

You don't have to stick with tie bars — there are plenty of other accessories you can wear with your suit and tie. Here are some great ideas. 

Tie Chains

Tie chains are similar to tie bars and clips in that they hold neckwear in place and make sure ties hang straight. 

Tie chains have two parts — a chain and a clip. The chain rests across the necktie, serving decorative and functional purposes. 

Remember that chains are best with thicker fabrics since the pin can snag delicate neckties like silk

Tie Clips

Tie clips and bars are pretty much the same, which is why people tend to use the terms interchangeably. The only difference is that tie bars slide over the dress shirt and tie, whereas clips open like jaws. 

Tie Straps

If you aren't familiar with tie straps, that's probably because they are relatively new. They are small fabric or plastic straps threaded through the labels on the back of your tie. They fasten to two shirt buttons, keeping your necktie in place without sacrificing comfort. 

If you want to keep it simple or don't like showy accessories, this is the perfect functional accessory for your suit. 

Tie Pins and Tacks

Tie pins are a great way to add detail to your outfit, but they don't have the same level of functionality as tie bars. They're more decorative, so place them in the middle of your tie. Ideally, they should be about a hands-width above your belly button.

Use them by removing the closure from the back of the pin, pushing it through your tie, and securing the back with the closure. Keep in mind that these are not a good option with silk ties because the hole created by the pin is noticeable. So, stick with pins for woven ties, such as wool fabric. 

Remember that these are not the same as lapel pins, commonly featuring the American flag, flowers, or trending symbols.

Discover Premium Tie Bars at PRIME Neckwear

There are many ways to add style to your suit, but tie bars are one of the most common accessories. Now that you know how to select the right color, style, and width, it's time to shop for the perfect tie bar. 

PRIME Neckwear offers a wide selection of tie bars, neckties, and bow ties. Browse our collections today and find the perfect neckwear for any event! 

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