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What is the Perfect Tie Length?

Neckties symbolize professionalism, and if you want others to take you seriously, wearing one with your dress shirt is a great idea. However, simply wearing a tie isn't enough — you must wear it properly. That means knowing how to tie your tie neatly and ensuring it's the right length. 

Although it may seem minor, wearing a tie that's too long or short will detract from your appearance. Others may think you look sloppy or silly. 

Additionally, ties that are too long pose problems when you use the restroom since they may get in the way. Save yourself the embarrassment of getting your tie caught in your zipper or making a mess on it by ensuring it's the right length.

Wearing the right length tie will also complement your appearance and figure. Short ties may make your stomach look larger since the tip of it hangs on your belly. Yet, when worn correctly, ties have a slimming effect because they draw attention to your broad shoulders instead of your stomach. 

If you're reading this blog, you want to look your best. So, keep reading this post to determine the proper length of a tie!

What is the Proper Tie Length?

What is the Perfect Tie Length

Ties have been around for centuries, dating back to the Roman Empire. Soldiers wore them as part of their uniforms as a way of displaying information about their ranks. 

Over the years, ties remained popular among certain rulers, but they didn't take off as accessories for the working class until the Industrial Revolution. At first, they were worn shorter than today, resting above the navel. Remember that pants were a lot higher-waisted back then, so this was likely the reason people wore shorter ties. 

Nowadays, men's pants have gotten a lot lower, and ties have had to adjust along with them. Thus, today's general rule of thumb is that the end of your tie should touch the very top of your belt buckle. That's the perfect length. If the tip of the tie slightly overlaps your belt, that's acceptable, but it should never be any longer than that. 

Of course, there are different shapes of ties, but most often, the

end of the tie is square or diamond. For square ties, the tip is simply the end of the tie. Meanwhile, for diamond-shaped ties, the pointy end is what should touch your belt. 

As for tie width, there is no rule. You can wear wider ties that give off a classic vibe or skinny ties for a modern look. Whichever you choose, it should be the proper length. 

Tips for the Perfect Tie Length Every Time

Even though it seems simple, getting your tie length right can be challenging, especially if you are exceptionally tall or short. This section will share helpful tips that help you get the right tie length every time! 

Check Tie Length When Buying

Most ties are somewhere between 57 to 60 inches in length. Although this is the standard, that doesn't mean it's the correct length for everyone. Thus, some companies make ties of different sizes, making it easier to find one that works for your body type.  

Tall men or those with larger neck sizes can't get by with standard-length ties. There simply isn't enough fabric to make them work if you are over six feet tall. Instead, tall men should look for extra-long ties. Thankfully, they aren't too hard to find — PRIME Neckwear has a collection of 63-inch long ties! Best of all, we offer them at the same price as our standard ties.

On the other hand, shorter men rarely need shorter ties and can usually use regular ties. Since there's enough fabric, one option is getting the length of the tie altered to fit your height. However, this isn't always necessary. Using the right knot, you can ensure your necktie doesn't fall below your belt buckle. 

Change Knot Size

Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing ties is the types of knots you like to use. The larger the tie knot, the more fabric is needed to make it. If your tie is barely long enough, using big knots will cause your tie to be too short. Thus, it's best to use small knots, such as the four-in-hand knot, if your tie is almost too short. However, if you are having trouble making big knots with standard ties, that's a good indication you should buy Italian ties or extra-long ones. 

In contrast, if your tie is already too long, you can use bigger knots to shorten them. That means short men can make standard ties work for them by strategically tying them. Windsor knots are some of the best, including the half-Windsor or full-Windsor knot. 

Not only do these big knots use up more fabric, but they also direct attention to your upper body and shoulders. As a result, they make you look bigger and taller, especially when you're sitting down. 

Stand Naturally

It may not seem like a big deal, but having a natural posture when tying your tie can make all the difference. 

If you're slouched when you look in the mirror, your tie will likely end up being too short when you stand up tall. Meanwhile, if you're standing exaggeratedly straight when you knot your tie, it will probably be too long when you resume your natural posture. 

Thus, the best thing you can do is be realistic about your posture when tying your necktie. If you aren't sure what your natural posture is, try walking around the house a couple of times after tying your tie. Then, return to the mirror without adjusting your posture and see if it's the right length. 

Similarly, you should never pre-tie your ties. This creases the material and stretches out your ties. Worse yet, your necktie may end up looking wonky after wearing it a couple of times. So, use a mirror to tie your tie, and don't try to eyeball the length or pre-tie it. 

Don’t Forget Tie Accessories

If you want to look sophisticated and opt for some tie accessories, remember that they may shorten your tie's length. This is especially true for tie bars and clips. If you like wearing these accessories regularly, you may need to purchase longer ties to get the correct tie length. 

Another option is to use small knots when you wear a tie clip or bar. This trick will prevent your tie from becoming too short. 

Expand Your Tie Collection with PRIME Neckwear

Knowing how to choose the proper length ties is crucial if you want to look professional and earn the respect of peers. After reading the tips in this article, we recommend checking out our tutorial to learn how to tie a tie.

You'll always get the length you need when you shop for neckties with PRIME. Choose from our standard 60" length or 63" extra-long ties, depending on your body type and preferences. 

Of course, we also offer bow ties and menswear accessories, such as lapel pins, pocket squares, and tie clips. Browse them today so you can look your best every time you put on a tie!

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