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Rose Lapel Pin

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Radiant Roses: Gemstone-Adorned Lapel Pins for All Occasions

Introducing our exquisite collection of Rose Shaped Lapel Pins, where elegance meets nature's beauty. Crafted from premium zinc alloy and adorned with shimmering gemstones, these lapel pins are a harmonious blend of sophistication and charm. Available in a captivating range of red, blue, green, and pink, these pins add a touch of brilliance to your attire, making them the perfect accessory for any event.

A Blossoming Symphony: Rose Shaped Lapel Pins with Gemstones:

Our collection of Rose Shaped Lapel Pins captures the allure of nature's most beloved flower, the rose, and infuses it with the brilliance of gemstones. Each lapel pin is a masterpiece, carefully designed to reflect the intricate beauty of a blooming rose. The gemstones add a touch of sparkle that complements any ensemble, from casual to formal.

A Spectrum of Elegance: Red, Blue, Green, and Pink Gemstones:

Dive into a world of color and expression with our Rose Shaped Lapel Pins. Available in red, blue, green, and pink gemstones, you can choose the shade that resonates with your personality and style. The gemstones are carefully selected to provide a vibrant and enchanting touch to your outfit.

Harmonious Pairings: Dress Shirts and Gemstone-Adorned Lapel Pins:

Complementing your dress shirt with a gemstone-adorned lapel pin creates a harmonious and balanced look. For a timeless ensemble, pair the red lapel pin with a classic white dress shirt. The boldness of the red gemstone adds a pop of color, making it ideal for formal events such as weddings or galas.

The blue lapel pin shines elegantly against a light grey dress shirt, lending a touch of sophistication that's suitable for business meetings and upscale gatherings. For a charming contrast, the green lapel pin pairs effortlessly with a navy dress shirt, making it a splendid choice for garden parties and art exhibitions.

When aiming for a more playful and spirited look, opt for the pink lapel pin against a soft lavender dress shirt. This combination is perfect for casual outings, brunches, and daytime events.

Elevated Style: Suits and Gemstone-Adorned Lapel Pins:

Elevate your suit game by adorning your lapel with our gemstone-accented pins. The red lapel pin harmonizes splendidly with a charcoal grey suit, creating an air of sophistication that's ideal for upscale occasions. A blue suit paired with the blue lapel pin exudes confidence and style, perfect for business events and cocktail soirées.

For a more daring ensemble, match the green lapel pin with a dark brown suit. The deep tones contrast beautifully with the gemstones, making it an excellent choice for evening events and theater outings. The pink lapel pin, when paired with a light grey suit, infuses a sense of playfulness and charm, making it suitable for romantic dates and outdoor celebrations.

Versatile Elegance: Events and Places to Wear:

Our Gemstone-Adorned Rose Shaped Lapel Pins are versatile accessories that complement various events and venues. Wear them proudly to weddings, where they add an elegant touch to groomsmen's attire. Whether you're attending formal corporate functions, charity galas, or anniversary dinners, these lapel pins enhance your ensemble with a touch of opulence.

Don't shy away from incorporating these lapel pins into your daily style. From intimate dinner parties to art gallery openings, these pins add a layer of sophistication that lets your personality shine.

Unveil Your Inner Elegance:

The Rose Shaped Lapel Pins with gemstones offer an opportunity to embrace your inner elegance while showcasing your style. With a range of gemstone colors to choose from, you can effortlessly tailor your look to the occasion. Embrace the enchantment of roses and the allure of gemstones as you let your lapel pin tell your story of refinement and sophistication.


Made of:

  • Zinc Alloy and Acrylic


  • 2” x 1”


  • Rose


  • Red, Green
  • Green, Green
  • Blue, Green
  • Pink, Green
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