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Orange & Dark Blue Serene Plaid Necktie

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Choice Tie & Accenting Square
Length Regular (60")
Width 3.25" Inches - Traditional Width

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Orange & Dark Blue Plaid Tie

As you lay your eyes upon the orange, dark blue, and white plaid silk necktie, you are immediately struck by the intricate pattern and the luxurious texture of the fabric. The plaid design consists of alternating squares of vibrant orange, deep navy blue, and crisp white, arranged in a sophisticated checkered pattern that exudes confidence and style.

The silk material itself is soft to the touch and shimmers in the light, reflecting the colors in a stunning display of brilliance. As you run your fingers along the surface of the tie, you can feel the fine weave and the quality of the craftsmanship that has gone into creating this masterpiece of fashion.

But the true magic of this necktie lies in the way it complements the rest of your outfit. The bright orange hues draw the eye and add a pop of color to any suit or dress shirt, while the deep blue and white tones create a sense of balance and harmony.

As you consider pairing the necktie with a shirt and suit, you realize that it would look especially striking against a crisp white shirt, bringing out the purity of the white and the richness of the other colors in the tie.

And let's not forget about the pocket square! The grey, orange, and black accents of the pocket square perfectly complement the colors of the tie, providing a subtle yet powerful accent to your outfit.

The pocket square features a modern and sophisticated design, with a combination of solid and patterned blocks of color that create a dynamic visual effect. The grey background provides a neutral base that allows the orange and black accents to really pop, adding depth and dimension to your overall look.

As you tie the necktie and fold the pocket square, you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation building within you. You know that when you step out into the world wearing this ensemble, you will turn heads and command attention with your impeccable sense of style.

So go ahead and don that orange, dark blue, and white plaid silk necktie and accenting grey, orange, and black pocket square. You are sure to feel confident, exhilarated, and utterly stylish.


Choose From:

  • Single Tie
  • Tie, Pocket Square

Material of Tie and Pocket Square:

  • 100% Silk

Dimensions of Pocket Square:

  • 10.5” x 10.5” Inches

Width of Tie:

  • 2.5" Inches
  • 3.25” Inches

Length of Tie:

  • Regular (60”)

  • XL (63”)

Pattern On Fabric:

  • Plaid

Color Of Fabric:

  • Orange, Dark Blue, Black

How To Care For Your Ties

The right tie can make your outfit unforgettable. Color, style, material, and pattern lets you customize formal suits and tuxedos to show your personality. With a collection of high-quality ties, you can make one suit work for most of your formal occasions.

A well-made tie is an investment. Keep your collection looking sharp longer with proper care techniques.

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