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Pink & Red Geometric Harmony Self-Tie Bow Tie

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Embrace Elegance: The Pink and Red Geometric Silk Bow Tie

In the world of fashion, style is the language that speaks before words. If you're someone who loves to make a statement, our Pink and Red Geometric Silk Bow Tie is your ticket to sartorial sophistication. Crafted from the finest silk, this bow tie is not just an accessory; it's an expression of individuality and flair.

Picture this: a striking combination of vivacious pink and bold red woven into an intricate geometric pattern. It’s a mesmerizing dance of colors that catches the eye and ignites the imagination. The pattern, balanced between playful and refined, exudes confidence and charisma.

This bow tie is your canvas for creativity. Paired with a crisp white dress shirt, it’s the pop of color that transforms your attire from ordinary to extraordinary. Feeling a bit adventurous? Try it with a light grey shirt to create a harmonious contrast. For the bold trendsetter, a deep navy shirt will make the pink and red hues truly stand out.

Accompanying Pocket Squares:
The bow tie comes with two exquisite options: a matching pocket square for a coordinated look and an accenting white pocket square for those who appreciate a touch of contrast. Both choices add depth and dimension to your ensemble, ensuring you look impeccable from every angle.

Suit Pairings:
Wondering what suit to wear? The Pink and Red Geometric Silk Bow Tie harmonizes beautifully with a charcoal grey suit, creating a striking yet elegant contrast. For a more daring approach, pair it with a navy blue suit to let the vibrant colors take center stage. The key is to balance the boldness of the bow tie with a suit in a neutral shade, allowing your accessory to shine without overwhelming the look.

Perfect Occasions:
This bow tie is not just for special occasions; it’s for making every occasion special. Wear it to weddings, cocktail parties, art gallery openings, or even a romantic dinner date. It’s your passport to style that knows no boundaries. Imagine the confident strides you'll take, knowing your fashion choice is a testament to your impeccable taste.

Self-Tie or Pre-Tied:
For the seasoned bow tie aficionado, the self-tie option offers a hands-on, personalized touch, allowing you to create the perfect bow with every wear. On busier days, the pre-tied version ensures you’re always ready to look your best without the fuss.

Designed to fit neck sizes from 13 to 18 inches, this bow tie is tailored for comfort. Its adjustable strap guarantees a snug fit, allowing you to move with ease while maintaining a polished appearance.

In the realm of style, every detail matters. The Pink and Red Geometric Silk Bow Tie isn’t just an accessory; it’s a narrative, a conversation starter, and a testament to your discerning taste. Elevate your wardrobe, transform your look, and let your style tell your story.



Choose From:

  • Single Self Tie Bow Tie
  • Self Tie Bow Tie, Pocket Square

 Material of Bow Tie and Pocket Square:

  • 100% Silk

Bow Tie Size:

  • Bow Tie Fits Neck Sizes: 13 - 18” Inches

Pattern On Fabric:

  • Geometric

Color Of Fabric:

  • Pink, Red

How To Care For Your Ties

The right tie can make your outfit unforgettable. Color, style, material, and pattern lets you customize formal suits and tuxedos to show your personality. With a collection of high-quality ties, you can make one suit work for most of your formal occasions.

A well-made tie is an investment. Keep your collection looking sharp longer with proper care techniques.

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