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Vintage Deep Red Vino Veil Necktie

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Choice Necktie & Accenting Square
Length Regular (60")

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 Deep Red Wine Glasses Silk Necktie

Toast to Sophistication: Unveiling the Enchanting Wine Glasses Pattern Silk Necktie

Raise your glass to elegance and style as we present our deep red with light grey small wine glasses pattern silk necktie. A masterpiece that blends the sophistication of fine wine with the charm of silk, this necktie is a tribute to all things refined and delightful. Let us embark on a journey through the world of wine-inspired fashion, where every sip of style leaves a lasting impression.

A Wine Lover's Dream: The Wine Glasses Pattern

Immerse yourself in the allure of wine culture with our exquisite wine glasses pattern silk necktie. Against a deep red canvas, delicate wine glasses dance in a symphony of light grey, capturing the essence of a joyous toast. Each glass signifies celebration, camaraderie, and the delight of indulging in life's pleasures. The pattern is a work of art that celebrates the connoisseur in you and adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Taste of Elegance: Dress Shirts and the Art of Pairing

The wine glasses pattern silk necktie harmonizes beautifully with an array of dress shirts, allowing you to customize your style according to the occasion. Discover the perfect pairing possibilities:

1. Crisp White: An eternal classic, the white dress shirt magnifies the wine glasses pattern, making it the center of attention in your ensemble.

2. Light Grey: An understated choice that complements the light grey in the necktie, creating a sophisticated and balanced look.

3. Deep Navy: Embrace the allure of midnight elegance with a deep navy dress shirt, enhancing the rich red tones of the necktie.

Elevating Style: Suits and the Wine Glasses Enchantment

The deep red with light grey small wine glasses pattern silk necktie pairs effortlessly with various suit colors, adding a touch of finesse to your look. Explore these suit combinations that enhance the allure of the wine-inspired necktie:

1. Charcoal Gray: The perfect choice for formal gatherings, the charcoal gray suit provides a striking backdrop to the wine glasses pattern, creating an ensemble that exudes confidence.

2. Midnight Blue: Let the necktie shine against the dark allure of a midnight blue suit, making a powerful statement at sophisticated events.

3. Deep Burgundy: Embrace the passion of wine with a deep burgundy suit, capturing the essence of the grape-inspired pattern.

An Evening of Toasts: Events to Flaunt the Wine Glasses Silk Necktie

Our deep red with light grey small wine glasses pattern silk necktie is versatile, and its charm adapts beautifully to various events. Raise your glass to these occasions where the necktie shines:

1. Wine Tasting Events: Celebrate the joy of wine in style with the wine-inspired necktie that echoes the spirit of the occasion.

2. Wedding Celebrations: Toast to love and unity with the wine glasses pattern, a reminder of the joyous union of two souls.

3. Cocktail Parties: Stand out at cocktail parties, making a statement that blends elegance with an enchanting touch of wine culture.

4. Special Occasions: Elevate any special event with the wine glasses pattern, leaving a lasting impression on all who raise their glasses with you.

Savoring the Wine Glasses: Unlock the Taste of Elegance

Let the deep red with light grey small wine glasses pattern silk necktie transport you to a world of refinement and celebration. Every detail of this necktie is crafted to resonate with the connoisseur within, leaving a delightful aftertaste of style wherever you go. Whether you're attending a formal event or savoring the joy of a cherished gathering, our wine glasses pattern necktie is a testament to the art of sartorial finesse.


Choose From:

  • Single Tie

  • Tie and Pocket Square

Material of Tie and Square:

  • 100% Silk

Dimensions of Pocket Square:

  • 10.5” x 10.5” Inches

Width of Tie:

  • 3.4” Inches

Length of Tie:

  • Regular (60”)

  • XL (63”)

Pattern On Fabric:

  • Wine Glasses

Color Of Fabric:

  • Deep Red, Light Silver

How To Care For Your Ties

The right tie can make your outfit unforgettable. Color, style, material, and pattern lets you customize formal suits and tuxedos to show your personality. With a collection of high-quality ties, you can make one suit work for most of your formal occasions.

A well-made tie is an investment. Keep your collection looking sharp longer with proper care techniques.

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