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The Right Tie, Every Time: The Ultimate Necktie Style Guide

Did you know that 63% of workers aged 18-35 prefer to dress up for work because it enhances their performance and boosts their confidence? Without a doubt, looking professional can help you be more successful, and for gentlemen, that involves wearing a necktie. 

At PRIME, we’re experts in neckwear and realize that some people shy away from wearing ties or experimenting with new styles because they don’t know how. If you can relate, we’ve got your back and have created this page to help you learn all you need to know about styling men’s ties for any occasion! You’ll find the following information below:

If you’re brand new to neckwear, we recommend reading this guide in its entirety, but if you have a specific concern, feel free to jump to the section that addresses it. 

How to Tie Your Necktie

It’s tempting to use a clip-on if you don’t know how to tie a tie, but if you want to feel confident and professional, we recommend opting for a self-tie instead. Once you give it a try, you’ll see that learning how to tie a necktie isn’t difficult, especially with the help of these tutorials:

How to Tie a Tie

This article is the perfect resource for new tie-wearers. It covers the basics like getting your tie to the right length and different knots you may want to experiment with.  

Determine the Right Tie Length

Ties that are too long look sloppy, and ties that are too short look silly. Do yourself a favor and read this guide on selecting the right tie length. 

Windsor Knot Tutorial

If you’re more of a visual learner, don’t worry! This video covers the Windsor knot step-by-step. 

Double Windsor

The double Windsor is a different variation, and this video shows you how to do it. We recommend this knot for shorter guys who have trouble getting their tie to the right length. 

As you master these knots, you can move on to others like the four-in-hand or bow tie. In reality, there are dozens of ways to tie a tie, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different styles. Remember, though, that some of these knots will require extra long ties if you are tall. 

Matching Your Necktie to Your Attire

Few men know how to match their ties to their dress shirts and suits, but you can be the exception. No hard and fast rule works for every outfit, but here are some tips to help you pick the right tie.

Solid Color Ties

Solid color ties are always a safe pick, such as a burgundy tie or a red tie with a light blue dress shirt. We recommend choosing a tie that is darker than your dress shirt. This ensures it stands out against your chest. For example, wear a dark green tie with a sage green shirt. 

If your suit is light-colored, it’s best to wear a darker-shade tie. On the other hand, look for ties that are similar in color, tone, or vibrancy when you wear a dark suit. For example, pair a royal blue suit with a navy blue tie.  

Of course, you don’t have to stick to solid colors. Patterned ties can be bold or quiet, depending on what you choose. Look for designs with smaller motifs if you want to keep your look professional and classy. Here are some of the patterns you can find in our shop.

Floral Ties

Among some of the most popular modern ties, florals are great for casual occasions or weddings.

Geometric Ties

Geometric ties are made up of repeating shapes, diamonds, and isolated paisleys. 

Plaid Ties

Some of the most common plaid patterns include gingham, argyle, tartan, and checks. 

Paisley Ties

Not to be confused with floral patterns, paisley ties are made up of teardrop-shaped motifs with a curved end. 

Polka Dot Ties

Polka dots are timeless and make the perfect tie for nearly any event.

Herringbone and Striped Ties

Thinner stripes are best for formal occasions, whereas thicker stripes are fashionable yet more relaxed. 

Keep in mind that If you wear a patterned tie, you can also wear a patterned dress shirt or suit, but never all three. Moreover, you should stick to one pattern. For instance, if you have a pinstriped suit, wear a striped necktie. 

Lastly, pay attention to textures. Silk ties are best for business suits. Knitted ties and wool ties are less casual.

If you don’t feel like decoding all these fashion rules every time you put on a suit, stick to the classic combinations. For example, a black tie with a neutral shirt and blue suit is a winning combination for business meetings. Read all about this combination here!

Neckties for Every Occasion 

Different occasions call for different neckties. Sometimes there are dress codes to follow, meaning you should adhere to specific rules. Other times, you just have to use your best judgment. 

To help you decide what to wear, we’ve created guides to help you dress appropriately for:

Black tie occasions

Black tie events aren’t as popular these days, but if you are invited to one, this guide can help you dress for the occasion. 


What to wear to a wedding depends on the dress code, season, and customs. This guide can help you navigate all these variables to put together a snazzy outfit. 


Many people agree that it’s best to wear a suit to an interview, but should you wear a tie? This article will help you decide. 


Your attire at a funeral should generally include a dark-colored tie. Get help choosing an outfit that demonstrates your respect for the deceased and their family in this guide.

Depending on the dress code at your workplace, you may have more freedom to express your style with skinny ties or unique patterns. If this is the case, we recommend using the tips above to match your tie to your dress shirt and suit. And, no matter whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding tie or modern ties for the office, you can find them in our online shop!

Accessorizing Your Necktie

No outfit is complete without accessories! There are a lot of different ways to add some personality and elegance to your suit. However, we always recommend tie bars because, in addition to being stylish, they are also functional. 

Tie bars keep your tie in place throughout the day so you look put together. Keeping your tie where you want it also prevents embarrassing accidents, such as dipping your tie in your food or coffee. 

How to Wear Tie Bars

Read this blog post to learn where to place a tie bar, what color to choose, and the proper width of this tiny accessory. 

Shop Accessories

Other great accessories include pocket squares, lapel pins, and cufflinks. You can find all of these in our shop, so be sure to check them out!

Style the Perfect Necktie with PRIME Neckwear

Choosing and styling your necktie doesn’t have to be complicated! Trust PRIME to help you look your best. We offer men’s neckties and accessories made from the best quality materials. Browse our online shop or contact our customer support team for help finding exactly what you’re looking for! 

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brian dean garee

- December 21, 2023

looking for a mafia tie i have seen mafia wear for my mafia show it laps over on top into the vest what do you have

Willie L Davis

- October 18, 2023

What happened to the abstract styles and color designs. The catalog needs to be greatly expanded. I could help you guys pick some patterns and looks that would be huge sellers. I’m just saying Superstars.

Elina Brooks

- April 03, 2023

My brother is getting married this June, and it seems like he still needs a tie that matches the suit he had gotten for the ceremony. I’m grateful you recommended that we go for a darker-shade tie if the suit is light-colored since solid-color ties are always a safe choice for suits and this will ensure the tie stands out against our chest. I’ll make sure to share this with my brother while he goes shopping for wedding ties later.

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