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How Long Should Your Tie Really Be?

We’ve all seen someone wearing a necktie that wasn’t the proper tie length. Even if you didn’t realize that was the problem, you probably noticed that something about the tie didn’t look quite right. Having a tie that is too short looks silly and draws attention to your stomach, possibly making you look heavier than you are. On the other hand, wearing a tie that is too long looks awkward and may even stick out when you button your suit jacket. 

You can avoid all these issues by mastering the right tie length. It’s not too hard, and depending on your height, you may be able to get started with the ties that you already have in your closet. So, how long should a tie be? In this article, we’ll answer that question in detail, so keep reading!

The Golden Rule of Tie Length

The first step to getting the right length is knowing where the tip of your tie should rest. No matter your body type or the type of knot, the end of your necktie should rest right above the top of your belt buckle. The only exception to this rule is the bow tie. 

To check whether the end of your tie reaches the middle of your belt buckle, stand in front of the mirror. Make sure you use a natural posture since slouching or exaggerating your posture will change the length of the tie. If your necktie is too short, the end of the tie won’t reach your belt buckle. And, if your necktie is too long, it will cover your belt. 

If your necktie is too short or too long, you may need to try a different knot. Some knots, especially those complicated ones that loop around several times, use a lot of fabric. This shortens the tie, making it too short for tall men or those with long torsos. You can still create these special knots, but you’ll need to purchase extra-long ties. If you want to keep using the ties you already own, switching to the four-in-hand knot or other simple styles might do the trick.

On the contrary, if your necktie is too long, you can strategically use complicated tie knots to shorten them, making them the correct tie length. For example, if you just need to take a little length off your tie, the half Windsor knot should work, but if it’s still too long, go for the full Windsor knot instead. If you want to use simple knots, you should have your ties altered so they are the perfect length for your height. 

How to Measure Your Tie Length

You don’t have to put on a tie to know if it’s the right length for you. If you’re at the store or shopping online, you can simply check the measurements. Doing so will allow you to pick ties that are the right length and width for you and will allow you to wear whatever knots you would like! Here’s how to measure the length of your tie when shopping in person:

  1. Lie the tie down flat
  2. Spread it out so it has no creases
  3. Measure from one tip to the other  

Measuring the width of your tie can also help you decide whether a style is suitable for your body type, your sense of style, and the occasion. Measuring is easy — just lie the tie flat and measure at the widest part. 

Common Tie Widths and Lengths to Explore

Now that you know how to measure the length and width of neckties, it’s important to know which one is best for you. You can determine this based on factors like your height, torso length, body shape, and preferred tie knots.

Generally, there are three different tie lengths. The first and most common is the standard tie, which measures 57 to 58 inches. The standard-length tie is ideal for men of average height and build. Unfortunately, there is no shorter tie, so men who need them should experiment with different knots to bring the tip of the tie to the top of the belt buckle. 

Extra-long ties are usually 63 inches. You may want to opt for this length if you are more than six feet tall, have a long neck, or have a rounder mid-section. You may also need an extra-long tie if you want to sport fancy knots that use a lot of fabric, such as the Trinity knot.

If you are very tall, you may need extra extra-long ties. These are 67 inches long and much more uncommon than the other two lengths. Your best bet is to shop in big-and-tall menswear stores or purchase your extra extra-long ties online. 

When it comes to necktie widths, there are more choices, and which you choose really comes down to preference. Here are some of the most common widths. 

Skinny ties measure 2 inches wide. They were extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s and worn by icons like The Beatles but declined in the 1970s as wider ties overtook them. In the past decade, they’ve made a bit of a comeback among the younger generations. They are best reserved for casual outfits, such as drinks with friends or a laid-back wedding.

Slim ties are wider than skinny ties, but still much slimmer than the standard width. They measure about 2.5 inches at their widest spot. Young people seem to prefer this style, and while they aren’t the most formal choice, they are still acceptable for most occasions. 

Narrow ties are sort of an in-between style, measuring 3 inches wide. They aren’t as wide as standard ties, but they come close, making them perfect for the workplace. You can appear professional while sporting a modern look.

Standard ties have been getting slimmer in recent years, and now they are about 3.25 inches wide. However, up until a couple of years ago, this measurement was 3.5 inches. You can find both of these widths in menswear stores and probably won’t notice much of a difference in their overall look. However, if you need long or extra-long ties, you should look for ones that are 3.5 inches wide so they don’t appear too narrow. 

Wide ties give off a vintage vibe, and if you prefer this style, you’ll want ties that are at least 3.875 inches wide. You may have some trouble finding this width in stores, but there are plenty at second-hand shops or specialty stores. 

Browse a Multitude of Tie Length Options at PRIME Neckwear

After reading this post, mastering the right length of a tie should be no problem. Whether you need standard-length or extra-long neckties, PRIME Neckwear has a wide variety of styles to choose from. Shop our best sellers today and find the perfect tie for your next event or a day at the office! 

And, before you check out, don’t forget to browse dapper accessories like tie clips, pocket squares, and lapel pins! Then, read more on our blog about how to wear them!

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